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Adjusting Your Aesthetics for Every Age

By the time you hit 50, you’re not using the same skincare routine as you did when you were 20 - at least, we hope you’re not! Your skin is almost constantly in a state of change depending on a number of internal and external factors, including hormones, diet, and the environmental conditions in your…
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Welcome Sheena to the Samano Aesthetics Team!

We're excited to welcome Sheena to the Samano Aesthetics team! A licensed esthetician and former esthetics instructor, Sheena brings her passion for results-driven skincare to the table with cutting-edge treatments like microneedling, chemical peels, and more. Using her varied skills and expertise, she gives each patient considerate evaluations to recommend facial and body treatments that…
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Microneedling – The Perfect Pick-Me-Up for Hardworking Moms

Being a mother is hard work - there’s no doubt about it. Between changing diapers, helping out at soccer practices, and kissing skinned knees, you’ve racked up enough hours to qualify for overtime. Don’t get us wrong - watching your little ones thrive and grow up into happy, healthy adults is a rewarding and exciting…
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