Breast Lift

breast lift to restore youthfulness in winter parkBreast lifts are a popular surgery for women who aren't ready to say goodbye to their youthful, perky breasts.

Unless your body is magically resistant to the effects of aging, gravity, and pregnancy, your breasts will not always look the way they did in your twenties. Nature has its way of changing our bodies, and the breasts are no exception. Droopy, sagging breasts are a frustrating reality for many women, but breast lift surgery can change that.

He will work with you from consultation to completion to ensure you receive the best results possible from your own personalized breast lift procedure.

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Understanding the Surgery

During your consultation and physical exam, our expert staff will go over the specific techniques that he will use for your unique breast lift. Lesser degrees of breast ptosis (drooping) can be treated by simply removing a small strip of tissue from above the nipple and areola and repositioning the nipple and areola to the new elevated position. With more serious cases of breast ptosis, an incision that goes around the nipple and areola (circumareolar) may be used. This technique will tighten excessive skin as well as lift the breast and nipple into the newly elevated position.

For extreme sagging, surgery may require an incision that goes around the nipple areolar complex (circumareolar), with an extension of the incision from the nipple areolar complex and down the middle of the breast to the inframammary crease, and possibly along the inframammary crease. This anchor-shaped incision technique allows for the greatest lift and the most tightening of the breast envelope.

A breast lift does not change the amount of breast tissue a woman has. It does change the breast shape and position of the nipple areolar complex. An optical illusion occurs when the breast is changed from a long, flattened breast to a perkier rounded breast. Breast implants can be used at the same time to increase the size of the breasts and add more perkiness as well as more cleavage, thus restoring a more youthful look.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.