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3 Reasons You Should Try Sclerotherapy This Summer

Think about how long you’re on your feet over the course of the day. Whether your job is labor intensive or you mostly stick to your desk, you can probably account for at least a few hours of walking (or running!) each day. As time passes, these hours add up to lots of stress on…
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Why You Need a Facial Every Month

If you’re reading this blog, you’re a person who cares about your skin’s health and appearance, which means you’ve probably got a quality at-home skincare routine set up. There’s nothing like daily care and attention to help you make sure your skin always looks its best. Still, it’s good to get a little help from…
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Dads and Dysport: Get Hooked on Aesthetics!

The world of aesthetics is rapidly changing. What was once a place reserved mostly for rich women has expanded and become more affordable, and more applicable, to wider audiences. We can see these changes especially in the realm of men’s skincare and cosmetic treatments; the number of men booking cosmetic procedures at their local medspa…
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