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The Importance of Customizing Your Weight Loss Plan

It feels like you can’t go five seconds without hearing another ad for a new weight loss program or seeing one in your Facebook Newsfeed. That comes as no surprise - weight loss has ranked among Americans’ top health concerns over the last few decades, and has often proven the most difficult to achieve. But…
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New Year, New You! Check Out our January Specials

We have a good feeling about 2018! Is recommitting to caring for your face and body on your list of resolutions? We've curated a set of specials to help you achieve your goal this year. Schedule your appointment and get started today!
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Oh, The Trouble with Stubble

All of us wish unwanted hair would just magically go away. Some days it’s almost impossible to get out of the bed, let alone wake up earlier to shave and worse, have to do it all over again just a few days later. And yes, you're probably thinking of waxing too, but growing out already…
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