Linda’s Corner: 3 Reasons Why TempSure is Your New Favorite Treatment

tempsure firm bodysculpting treatment for large areasIn taking a heart-centric approach to aesthetics, Linda wants you to make the best choices for your whole self. That means choosing less stress, positive body image, and treatments that help bring out the beauty you already have. Noninvasive treatments, like TempSure, provide patients with stunning results without putting your body through the stress of going under the knife, making it a wonderful option for your whole self and wellness.

The Samano Aesthetics team is excited to debut the TempSure Firm wand, a TempSure attachment that allows your aesthetician to treat larger sections of your body at once. We are one of the first locations in the country to offer the TempSure Firm treatment! To celebrate, Linda has 3 reasons why TempSure is about to become your new favorite treatment:


  • The TempSure Firm attachment delivers noticeable results at faster rates. The innovative design of the Firm attachment allows aestheticians to treat larger areas of the body, like the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs, in one pass. The wand can sense when your target area reaches the optimum temperature for skin tightening and body shaping, to give you a comfortable yet powerful treatment.
  • TempSure is a great treatment for any time of year. Forget staying out of the sun during the summer to keep your post-treatment skin protected. TempSure is a gentle treatment that doesn’t disrupt the skin’s surface, so it doesn’t leave you more vulnerable to damage from environmental factors. A majority of patients experience no downtime after their treatment.
  • TempSure is suitable for people of any skin type. TempSure works equally as well on skin of any tone and texture, giving everyone the opportunity to look and feel their best from head to toe. Radiofrequency technology is perfect for tightening skin in problem areas, like the abdomen, beneath the buttocks, and the underside of the arms. 


TempSure can be an effective component of your overall, heart-centered aesthetics plan. Its ability to target hard-to-reach problem areas can give men and women of all shapes and sizes a huge confidence booster. Look at yourself like you never have before! Talk to Linda about how TempSure fits in with your aesthetic goals. Give us a call at 321-397-0692 to book your consultation today.

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