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Love is in the Air: Skincare as Self Love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. Everywhere you go, you’re probably seeing candy hearts and roses, teddy bears and chocolate samplers and all the traditional ways people show their love for each other. But this year, we’re taking a new approach to the season of love. This year, we’re…
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Why We Love the Oxylight Facial

If you keep up with skincare news like we do, you may have caught wind of Madonna’s game-changing LED light-based facial early last year. The singer’s youthful glow has caught the attention of fans and publications around the world, and it seems as though the Oxylight Facial is a big part of her regimen. Now…
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What to Expect from a Hand and Arm Peel

Facial peels are nothing new in the world of aesthetics. Formulated in a variety of strengths with different combinations of acids to target common skincare concerns, chemical peels present a great opportunity to kickstart your skincare regimen and make your face a clean slate. But chemical peels aren’t just reserved for the facial area. Did…
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