Dads and Dysport: Get Hooked on Aesthetics!

winter park aesthetics get your dad a cosmetic treatmentThe world of aesthetics is rapidly changing. What was once a place reserved mostly for rich women has expanded and become more affordable, and more applicable, to wider audiences. We can see these changes especially in the realm of men’s skincare and cosmetic treatments; the number of men booking cosmetic procedures at their local medspa is starting to rival that of women.

Cosmetic procedures and quality skincare routines are beneficial to everyone, men and women alike! This Father’s Day, we say there’s no better way to tell your dad you love him than to introduce him to the world of aesthetics. Here are 3 great treatments we offer for men at our Winter Park aesthetics clinic:


  • Dermal fillers, like Dysport and Restylane. More men are getting dermal fillers to open their career opportunities and compete in the workplace (you heard us right!) It makes sense - putting your best face forward shows that you care and can even make you more approachable. Modern fillers produce subtle results, filling in lines and improving the profile without looking unnatural.


  • IPL Photofacial and other laser treatments. For many dads, the yard is their domain, and they spend their summers mowing, mulching, and weeding to their heart’s content. All that time in the sun can lead to serious sun damage. Laser treatments, like the IPL Photofacial, help reverse the signs of aging caused by sun damage.
  • Gentleman’s Signature Facial. Men need me-time too! One of the best things about getting a spa treatment is that it allows you to relax and take weight off your shoulders (and your face, the source of all your expressions). Our Gentleman’s Facial includes a massage and protects your skin from environmental exposure and the typical arid office environment.



Your dad deserves a facial! Once you book that first appointment for your dad, we have the feeling he’ll come back for more. Want to learn more about our treatments for men? Give us a call at 321-397-0692 and book your consultation today.

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