How to Make Your Dermal Fillers Last Longer

winter park aesthetics make your fillers last longerAcross the country and around the world, more people are choosing injectables and fillers over plastic surgery to help enhance their appearances and return them to their more youthful profiles. And it’s no wonder: with massive improvements in the composition of fillers and injection techniques, fillers like Restylane and Sculptra offer non-invasive cosmetic solutions with minimal downtime and quick, in-and-out appointments.

One of the only downsides of getting fillers versus plastic surgery is the length of time that results last. While surgery offers a more permanent solution, fillers only tend to last a few years. However, there are steps you can take in your day-to-day to help make sure your fillers last longer. Here are just a few:


  • Use the proper sun protection every day. Excess exposure to UV rays can actually break down the fillers beneath your skin. Especially living here in Florida, daily SPF application can be your fillers’ biggest savior. Keep in mind, sun protection needs to happen every day of the week - even during the winter and on days you’re not making a trip to the beach! We recommend physical sunscreens over chemical as they tend to be gentler on your skin.
  • Reduce your stress levels. Did you know that stress can make your fillers less effective? High stress levels can release the stress hormone cortisol, which produces aging effects and can make your fillers break down faster. So reduce your daily caffeine intake and go ahead, book that yoga or meditation class. It’s a good investment in your long-term aesthetics program!
  • Adjust your diet. What you’ve got going on inside really counts! Most experts say that processed foods and foods high in sugar can lead to increased levels of inflammation, which speeds the aging process (just like cortisol does). Especially around the time of your injections, try cutting out heavily processed foods and opt for whole foods that are rich in nutrients for the best results.


Most people will get touch-up treatments on their fillers so that they can maintain their appearances without any drop-off time. Your selected dermal fillers are designed to produce gradual, subtle results, so even if you go a little too long before your followup, you won’t be faced with a severe dropoff. Want to learn more about fillers or schedule your own appointment? Give our Winter Park aesthetics clinic a call at 321-397-0692 today.

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