CO2 Resurfacing vs. Palomar 1540

winter park laser treatment palomar 1540 vs co2As you’re learning about laser treatments this season, we’re guessing you’ve come across a number of different treatment names. Unbeknownst to the unfamiliar, there are a number of different types of lasers that can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, from wrinkles to sun spots and just about everything in between. So how are you supposed to choose the right laser treatment for your needs?

While every patient at Samano Aesthetics receives a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Samano to find the best treatment program for their needs, it helps to come prepared with questions or some ideas about what you might like to have done. Some popular laser treatments like CO2 resurfacing and the Palomar 1540 laser treatment, are designed to target the skin’s tone and texture. So which one is right for you?

CO2 laser resurfacing is an ablative laser treatment, meaning that it leaves the skin raw for a period of time after the treatment. Many providers choose CO2 laser treatments for scarring - like acne scarring - as it lasers away the top layers of skin and leaves a clean complexion behind. This deep treatment can do for scarring in 1 to 2 treatments what the Palomar 1540 can accomplish in 4-6 treatments, making it a powerhouse for those who want results quickly.

On the other hand, the Palomar laser is a non-ablative laser treatment, meaning that it doesn’t leave the skin raw. This is a huge benefit for people who don’t want much downtime; generally, recovery time for the Palomar 1540 is within the same day. While this doesn’t penetrate as deeply as CO2 resurfacing, it targets surface level issues like fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.

Each laser treatment is beneficial for a variety of treatments. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for skincare, as you know, so the best option is to speak to your trusted physician about the best laser treatment options for your skincare needs. With the IPL Photofacial currently on special, now is a great time to schedule your consultation at Samano Aesthetics. Call 321-397-0692 to learn more.  

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