Linda’s Corner: Getting the Most of Your IPL Treatment

winter park aesthetics linda munizWelcome to the first edition of our new monthly blog series - Linda’s Corner! In this series, we’ll be discussing some of Linda’s favorite esthetic treatments and how to get the most of each visit. 

To kick off the series, we want to talk about IPL! Intense Pulsed Light, also known as a “photofacial,” is a versatile laser treatment that can be used to improve skin’s tone and texture. Acne scars, sun spots, rosacea, and crepey skin texture can all be improved with the use of IPL therapy. This treatment can be performed on just about any area of the body and delivers superior results with little downtime. 

IPL is one of Linda’s favorite treatments because it offers clients of all ages near-immediate results, allowing them to look and feel great right out of the office. Most patients can continue to apply makeup and skincare as usual after their treatments, with some possible bruising or swelling for a few days after treatment. 

Getting the most of your IPL treatment isn’t just up to your esthetician - it’s up to you, too! Take these tips to maximize your IPL results: 


  • Keep up with your sun protection routine. After you’ve received your IPL treatment, your skin will be particularly sensitive to the sun’s rays. Give it the protection it needs while it heals up. Here in Florida, we don’t really get an “off season” from the sun, so you should be using a daily SPF anyway. When you’re healing, be sure to reapply frequently and stay in the shade as much as possible.
  • Start hydrating now! Hydration should be at the top of your list of priorities for weeks before you even get the treatment. Start hydrating the moment you decide to book your consultation. Staying hydrated will help your skin bounce back more quickly while flushing out any toxins that may be lingering post-treatment. 
  • Be gentle. Remember, your skin is still healing for a couple of weeks after your treatment, even if you don’t notice any outward signs of bruising or injury. Use only gentle cleansers and products and always use lukewarm water to wash with. Your esthetician should be able to recommend the right products for your recovery period.


Everyone’s healing factors are different, but these tips apply to women and men of just about every different skin type. When you book an appointment with Linda, you’ll receive specialized treatment designed to target your unique needs and let your inner beauty shine outwardly! To book your consultation, call 321-397-0692 today.

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