Tattoo Removal

If you got your ink as a teen or in college, it can sometimes be hard to be taken seriously in the professional world. Tattoo regret is the leading reason tattoo removal is sought according to the Patient’s Guide.

In the past, tattoo removal was painful, expensive, and not very effective. At Samano Aesthetics, we specialize in fast laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening. We use the latest in laser technology to ensure every tattoo removal session is as quick and painless as possible. Our trained staff will customize a plan for you based on the tattoo’s colors, size, location, how the tattoo was applied, and how long it has been in place.
PicoSure laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening

Tattoo Lightening

winter park tattoo removalTraditionally, tattoos were removed in the past via surgery or a variety of burning methods. The process has changed and gradual tattoo lightening occurs with an advanced laser. This process is simple. The PicoSure laser uses light pulses to break up the permanent ink into tiny particles to cause the tattoo to appear less visible. The tattoo lightening process is repeated until the tattoo is removed. Individuals with light skin and dark inks often experience the best results with laser tattoo removal, with lighter pigments on darker skin being harder to remove.

Fast Tattoo Removal

Our clinic is proud to use the PicoSure laser, an amazing breakthrough in laser technology. It not only ensures fast tattoo removal, but it is also far more comfortable than traditional methods. It works by delivering ultra-short bursts of laser light to the skin, rather than a continuous burn. This method ensures effective tattoo removal, with significant results after just one treatment and little to no damage to the surrounding skin. The PicoSure laser is not only a safe and fast tattoo removal method, it also means fewer treatments, fewer time in between treatments, and it can even remove stubborn blue and green inks that were so hard to work with in the past.

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.