Weight Loss

Dr. Samano's Guide To Medical Weight Loss

winter park medical weight lossIf you are like most people, you yearn for the day that you are completely satisfied with your weight. No longer thinking to yourself, "I need to lose 10, 20, 30 lbs or more to be happy."

Samano Aesthetics offers complete wellness and weight loss treatment options to patients who are searching for a medical grade wellness program that is proven to work and safely monitored by an experienced family physician such as, Dr. Samano.

  • B- 12 Injections
  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
  • Weight Loss Assessment & Diagnostic Testing
  • Custom Weight loss & Wellness Plan

Today, is the first day on your journey to reaching total body satisfaction. You have now found a weight loss and lifestyle guide in Dr. Samano. Become a HEALTHIER, SLIMMER, SEXIER YOU with the guidance of Dr. Samano and Samano Aesthetics.

Dr. Samano introduces a safe, effective weight loss program to his trusted practice. The Samano Medical Weight Loss program guides patients in making lifestyle changes that will contribute to an overall increase in TOTAL BODY WELLNESS and TOTAL BODY SATISFACTION. Patients notice a BOOST in energy levels, an ENHANCED libido, a REDUCTION in fatigue, anxiety and stress all while LOSING 10-12 lbs a month! Can you imagine being 30 lbs less in 90 days? It is possible to be totally satisfied with you body.*

The Samano Medical Weight Loss program is easy to follow, covered by majority of insurance companies and patients can get started for as little as $15.

To learn more about this safe, physician-administered program, call Winter Park Family Practice to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION, at (407) 678-5554. You're not alone on this journey to a better YOU!

The Samano Medical Weight Loss program benefits include:

  • Free Consultation
  • Functional weight loss menu provided
  • 2 weekly injections of B-complex
  • Select Insurance accepted
  • Doctor administered & monitored
  • Get started for as little as $15
  • Lose 10 - 12 lbs monthly*
  • Increase Energy, and Libido
  • Reduce fatigue, stress anxiety

Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Samano to achieve real weight loss and increase your overall health and well-being under the care of a trusted doctor.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.