3 Treatments to Combat Dry Skin this Winter

winter park skincare treating dry winter skinYou probably already know that it’s important to change your skincare routine with the seasons. It’s not hard to tell why: as the winter arrives, temperatures start to cool and a little bit of Florida’s signature humidity dies down, leaving the air (and our skin) drier than usual. While we don’t have it as bad as our neighbors in the Great White North, the changes in climate have definitely left our skin a little thirsty.

If your skin isn’t taking to this winter weather, never fear! There are treatments both at home and in our office that can get you feeling moisturized again. Here are just a few of our favorites:


  • Get a facial! When winter comes around, most professionals recommend getting a facial every three or four weeks. This way, your esthetician can help you slough off the old layer of skin as it finishes its life cycle and open up your skin for better absorption of treatments and moisturizers. Our signature facial session is tailored to your skin’s unique needs, so you can get your hydration level just right.
  • Go for that chemical peel. This may seem a little counterintuitive if you’ve seen the pictures of people going through their chemical peels - doesn’t it involve layers of dry skin peeling away? Some deep peels do work that way, but when paired with the right healing creams and your care regimen, you’re on your way to revealing fresh, healthy, hydrated skin.
  • Exfoliate gently. It can be so tempting to scrub off all the flakes and dry patches in one go, but make sure whatever exfoliating you do is gentle on your skin! If your skin feels tight and dry and you immediately need moisturizer after you wash, you’re probably overdoing it. Try using a chemical exfoliator, and whatever you do, don’t ever use products like St. Ives Apricot Scrub!


Winter weather affects everyone differently. While some people may just need a little extra lotion break during the day, others may find themselves feeling chapped as soon as the temperatures drop below 60 degrees. Still not sure how to get rid of the dry skin doldrums? Stop by our office for a consultation for your next treatment. Give us a call at 321-397-0692 to learn more.

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