Linda’s Corner: Why Peel Season is My Favorite Season

orlando chemical peel perfect peel aesthetics skincareThe days are getting shorter, and every once in awhile, I feel the hint of a chill in the air. You know what that means, don’t you? It’s officially Orlando chemical peel season! The beginning of fall marks the start of the chemical peel season; while you can enjoy these face and body treatments any time of the year, the reduced temperatures and limited sunlight of the fall and winter are ideal conditions for healing chemical peels.

Peels are among my favorite aesthetic treatments. While they do have more downtime than, say, microneedling or a TempSure treatment, they demonstrate noticeable results for a wide variety of common skin conditions surround the face, neck, hands, arms, and chest. Here are my top 3 reasons why peel season is the very best season of the year: 

Peels aren't one-size-fits-all, but there is a peel for just about everything.

I keep a wide variety of peels at the ready to assist my clients with various skin conditions. My favorite peel, the Perfect Derma Peel, comes with a series of boosters that affect what conditions your peel can target. The Clear booster targets acne and blemishes with a dose of salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and vitamin C, while the Plus Plus booster offers a heavy dose of Hydroquinone, Kojic acid, and Retinoic acid to penetrate the dermis and treat stubborn scars and pigmentation. 

It's fun to see the peel working.

The peeling process itself can be slightly annoying for some patients as their skin sloughs off, but it’s always great to see your treatments working. As your skin begins to peel, you’ll be able to see the fresh, healthy, blemish-free skin appear underneath. There’s nothing better than seeing results in real-time - many of my patients like to take pictures during the process to document their journeys!

It's a perfect complement to a number of other treatments.

In truth, from fall to winter is a great time of year to get just about any type of aesthetic procedure. Peels can enhance the results from microneedling, laser treatments, and dermaplaning as they resurface the skin and give your aesthetician a blank slate on which to work. Peels are also great to do in a series, each 4 to 6 weeks apart.


If peel season isn’t your favorite time of year, you just haven’t gotten a peel from me yet! I want my clients to feel whole and healthy from the inside out, and I believe that aesthetics is a great tool to help your inner beauty shine. To book your Orlando chemical peel appointment, call Samano Aesthetics at 321-397-0692, or head on over to my section of the website and book online.

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