Love is in the Air: Skincare as Self Love

winter park self love skincareWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. Everywhere you go, you’re probably seeing candy hearts and roses, teddy bears and chocolate samplers and all the traditional ways people show their love for each other. But this year, we’re taking a new approach to the season of love. This year, we’re putting self-love first, and one of our favorite ways to express self-love is through skincare.

Self-care and self-love are more than just popular hashtags on social media - they’re important for the holistic health and well being of every person who’s living and thriving in today’s hectic world! Here’s how you can use skincare as your self-care:


  • Take a moment to meditate every morning and evening. Even the simple act of washing your face or taking off your makeup can be a great form of self-care. As you cleanse and moisturize your skin, you’re taking a moment just for you and getting the opportunity to really look at yourself in the mirror. Appreciating what makes you truly unique and beautiful before you head to work for the day is a wonderful confidence booster and a positive way to start and end every day.
  • Step away from the stress. By the time the middle of the workweek hits, it can sometimes seem like there’s no end in sight. Professional skincare treatments take time, and they can offer an important break from the rush and the stress. Even if you just manage to slip out of the office for an hour-long facial or microneedling treatment, you’ll get the reprieve you need - and you’ll also tell yourself that you’re worth it.
  • Keep yourself healthy and prevent disease. Keeping up with a skincare routine can help you thoroughly examine your skin, which is an important first step in detecting and treating illnesses. By taking the time to analyze the color and texture of your skin, you’ll be aware when anything changes, whether it’s due to sun damage, cancer, or something else. Physical health and mental health go hand in hand, so by making sure your body is healthy, you’ll put your mind at ease and reduce your stress levels.


Skincare can open the door to more self love and personal care. By taking the time to care for yourself for a few minutes every day and to take on a few bigger treatments each month, you’ll be gaining the confidence and the tools you need to develop a healthy, fulfilling relationship with yourself. To get started on the skincare routine that’s right for you, get in touch with the Winter Park aesthetics team at Samano Aesthetics by calling 321-397-0692 today.

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