Microneedling – The Perfect Pick-Me-Up for Hardworking Moms

winter park aesthetics microneedling for momsBeing a mother is hard work - there’s no doubt about it. Between changing diapers, helping out at soccer practices, and kissing skinned knees, you’ve racked up enough hours to qualify for overtime. Don’t get us wrong - watching your little ones thrive and grow up into happy, healthy adults is a rewarding and exciting experience, but you deserve some TLC for all you do.

Here at Samano Aesthetics, we’re excited to add microneedling to our aesthetics menu. This versatile treatment works just as hard as you do and lets you get right back to your busy schedule! Here are just a few ways any mom can benefit from a microneedling session:

  • Clear up stretch marks. Stretch marks are a natural part of any pregnancy as your body makes room for your little one! If you’re self-conscious about stretch marks on your stomach or thigh area, microneedling is one of few treatments that will noticeably diminish their appearance.
  • Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Motherhood is an emotional journey, and all those laughs and tears can develop into pesky facial wrinkles. Microneedling with nano needles is gentle enough to use in the sensitive eye area, encouraging your body to produce more collagen and naturally plumping up those crows’ feet. Pair with your favorite serum for the ultimate brightening treatment!
  • It works as a great, relaxing facial with real results. Some people are timid to try microneedling after seeing that it causes bleeding. To be sure, the procedure does involve passing a series of small needles over the skin to open up those channels, but a majority of microneedling patients report little or no pain during the process. Your aesthetician can prepare your skin with a numbing cream if you’re unsure of your tolerance levels. Many people report the sensation as a gentle facial massage, and your skin will glow for days after you’re finished.

Whether you’re a mom taking the opportunity to treat yourself or you’re looking for a great gift for your mom, microneedling is a great option for moms of any skin type. Get in touch with the Winter Park aesthetics team at Samano Aesthetics to learn more, or call us at 321-397-0692 to schedule your first appointment.

Microneedling is on special from now through May 31! Book your treatment packages today.

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