Non-Invasive Treatments are the Way to Go

winter park aesthetics best non invasive proceduresThe face of aesthetics has changed drastically over the course of a decade. Whereas cosmetic facial procedures were reserved for the wealthiest people with the best connections, the menu of facial treatments has expanded significantly and become very affordable. If you’re new to the world of aesthetics, you may have an image in mind of big bandages and bedrest for recovery, but times have changed. Many of the most effective facial treatments are non-invasive.

From dermal fillers to radiofrequency skin tightening treatments, our Winter Park aesthetics clinic has a huge menu of non-invasive treatments to reshape your profile, tighten your skin, and address a number of common issues. Here’s why non-invasive treatments are the way to go: 


  • Modern, non-invasive treatments are very effective on your own. If you don’t have to go under the knife, why would you? Modern treatments have been designed to give you impressive results in a short amount of time. Dermal fillers make subtle changes to the face and body that make a world of difference. Lasers and RF devices can do everything from reducing sun damage to tightening skin and body contouring. You can get noticeable results from any of these treatments.
  • Non-invasive treatments are less painful. Everyone’s pain tolerance levels are different. What may be easily tolerable for you may give another person white knuckles. That said, the pain in recovery from an invasive surgery is much more significant than from a procedure like an injection or a laser treatment. What’s more, you generally won’t have to take painkillers during the recovery period.
  • Downtime is significantly reduced. Speaking of the recovery period, one of the biggest benefits of non-invasive procedures is that they offer little or no downtime. Many treatments, like injections, allow you to schedule the treatment during a lunch break and go right back to work. Most treatments will only leave you with some redness, puffiness, and minor cosmetic disturbances, versus the bruising commonly associated with cosmetic surgery.


The right non-invasive treatment is waiting for you. People across the country are increasingly opting for injectables over plastic surgery, and for good reason. To find out which non-invasive procedures will bring you closer to your beauty goals, get in touch with the Winter Park aesthetics team at Samano Aesthetics. Call 321-397-0692 to book your consultation with our doctor.

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