What’s the Deal with Organic Skincare?

organic skincare winter parkIt seems everything is going organic nowadays. From the avocados in the produce section to the materials in your pillows, businesses have slapped the “organic” label on a huge variety of goods and consumables. Even skincare is turning increasingly organic, with companies touting the finest natural, organic ingredients in their moisturizers, serums, and makeup. But does organic skincare really make a difference? 

The aesthetics team at Samano Aesthetics, headed by Linda Muniz, has tested a huge variety of professional skincare products to develop regimens that work for all different skin types. Here’s what they’ve found when it comes to organic skincare products: 

  • Anything can have the organic label. The FDA does not regulate the use of the words “natural” or “organic,” provided they do not mislead customers. That means that your organic moisturizer may have one or two organic ingredients as well as a handful of manufactured ingredients. When you’re looking for organic products, always do a thorough check of the ingredients label.
  • Organic skincare products won’t last as long. Who wants to go out to re-up on skincare products once every few weeks? Many skincare products use chemicals to preserve the integrity of the natural ingredients within, giving them a longer shelf life and leaving you with less hassle. If you do decide to go all-organic, keeping your products refrigerated can help prolong their lifespans. Do be sure to throw out your organic products when they reach their expiration dates. 
  • If you have a history of skin allergies and sensitivities, natural products may not be for you. People who have encountered negative reactions are more likely to react to natural ingredients. Many times, man-made ingredients from lab settings are specifically formulated to protect sensitive skin. 

At Samano Aesthetics, we prefer the ZO Skin Health skincare line. This line is specifically formulated to effectively take care of a number of common skincare issues. You can find products that address everything from redness to discoloration and aging. To learn more about the skincare products we love, give us a call at 321-397-0692 today!

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