Why Body Sculpting Beats Diet and Exercise Alone

winter park body sculpting sculpsure cynosureHere in Central Florida, swimsuit season stays with us a good deal longer than it does in other parts of the world. With plenty of opportunities to hit the beach, go kayaking at the springs, or float down a lazy river at a theme park, most people want to make sure they’re looking their best year-round in case the opportunity for adventure comes knocking. But how do you cope when diet and exercise just don’t scrub away those problem areas?

Body sculpting treatments are nothing new, but with cutting edge treatments like SculpSure and TempSure Envi from Cynosure, the game has totally changed. Here’s why we recommend body sculpting over diet and exercise alone:


  • New body sculpting treatments are noninvasive. We’re so excited to debut TempSure Envi at the end of this month, a treatment that uses radiofrequency to tighten skin, get rid of fine lines, and smooth out problem areas. Treatments like this and SculpSure are noninvasive, giving you little to no downtime before you can go out and enjoy the waterfront. Gone are the long recovery times of surgical options like traditional liposuction.
  • Body sculpting treatments show quick results. Most patients report seeing almost immediate results after their TempSure treatments. Imagine being able to leave your aestheticians’ office and notice an immediate difference in your skin and shape! We love the feeling of being able to delight our patients and see their confidence increase overall once they’re done with their appointments.
  • Results from body sculpting treatments are permanent. Are you a yo-yo dieter? You’re not alone. Keeping up on a strict dietary regimen is difficult, and it’s so easy to see those pounds return after you’ve shed them. With body sculpting treatments, the fat cells targeted are banished for good, so provided you continue to make healthy choices and stay active, your results are here to stay.

We’re beyond excited to debut the TempSure Envi system in our office on May 28, 2019. Join us for an evening of fun and enter our raffle for a free treatment of your own! When you’re ready for your own body sculpting treatment, call the Winter Park body sculpting experts at Samano Aesthetics to book your consultation. Call 321-397-0692 to learn more or to RSVP for our TempSure Envi event today!

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