Why Laser Hair Removal is Head and Shoulders Above At-Home Hair Removal

shaving laser hair removal orlandoBody hair is simply a fact of life for men and women alike. While some don’t mind it the way it is, other people prefer to remove it as much as possible. Choosing to keep your legs, under arms, and bikini area hair-free is a real commitment, though. Think about it: how much time a week do you spend on shaving, waxing, or other body hair grooming? How much time a month? And how often are you left with irritation, ingrown hairs, and hair that just keeps growing back?

Since laser hair removal hit the scene, men and women who want to remove their body hair have been throwing away their razors and waxing kits. It almost goes without saying that professional laser hair removal is leagues better than sticking to at-home hair removal methods. Here’s why:


  • Say goodbye to razor bumps and ingrown hairs. There’s nothing worse than the itch and irritation that come with razor bumps. While laser hair removal does come with its own side effects and may leave the skin feeling a little sunburned for a day or two, you will never have to deal with the weeks of itching and discomfort waxing can cause. After you’re done with your series of treatments, you won’t even have to deal with the discomfort of the laser except for occasional top ups.
  • You’ll save money over time. You may pay more up front for your laser hair removal sessions, but over time, you’ll save thousands of dollars on grooming supplies and salon appointments. You probably already know just how expensive shaving supplies can be (especially for women). Throw out your razor and never worry about buying shaving cream again.
  • Your smooth legs and arms will stay smooth. Laser hair removal treatments are much more permanent options than other hair removal methods. As we mentioned above, you may need one or two top ups per year after you’re done with your initial series of treatments - but that’s it! With laser hair removal, your follicles are permanently fixed.


Searching for laser hair removal treatments, you may have seen some at-home options. While these may seem affordable at first, keep in mind that it’s best to undertake serious aesthetic treatments like laser hair removal under professional supervision. At-home laser removal tools are much weaker than professional tools, and you’d have to administer the treatment to yourself. Leave the laser hair removal to the Winter Park aesthetics team at Samano Aesthetics. Call 321-397-0692 to learn more.

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