Why You Need TempSure Before Your Next Cruise

orlando body sculpting samano aesthetics winter parkSummer is officially here, and as you’re getting the kids situated in their summer camps and taking care of business, we’re sure you’re gearing up for a getaway of your own. But as a busy individual, you may not have had the time to work on your “summer swimsuit body” before taking off for your vacation. How can you get beach ready in just a few short days before you embark on your journey?

First of all, we want to say that a beach body is a state of mind. You can wear anything you want no matter your body type! But if you need a little confidence booster before you don your new two-piece, TempSure Envi is the perfect treatment for you. Here’s why: 

  • You can book a treatment on your lunch break. Many of us work right up to the minute we leave on our vacation. If your life is nonstop, TempSure is perfect for you. Depending on the area of treatment, sessions generally last about 30-60 minutes. Better still, there’s no downtime or recovery needed, so you can leave the office and go right back to work (or to boarding your plane!)
  • It’s one of few treatments that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite is one of the most annoying body sculpting issues people face today. TempSure helps to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite without any invasive procedures. It’s one of few treatments available today that’s able to boast that kind of power! Sculpt your butt and thighs in time to wear that new bikini!
  • It helps tighten other trouble areas, too. If you’re uncomfortable with looser skin beneath your arms, around your neck, or even around your legs and thighs, TempSure can tighten things up. It’s powerful enough for body contouring, yet gentle enough to be used on the face - even right around the eyes. With just a few sessions, you’ll be ready to go from head to toe.

We added TempSure Envi to our treatment list for patients of all ages and body types. TempSure works on all skin types, and most patients report little to no discomfort with treatment. Stop by our office and see what all the fuss is about for yourself! To learn more or to schedule your consultation, call Samano Aesthetics at 321-397-0692 today.

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