Cellulite and Stress

We know that stress can affect many parts of the body such as the heart and brain, but recent studies are showing that stress may also be affecting your problem areas where you hold your cellulite. When you think of stress, you wouldn't normally associate it with the formation of cellulite and while the idea of this seems a little strange, many aspects of it actually does make total sense.

The first effect that prolonged stress can have is a change in your hormones. When you stress for a longer period of time, your body’s begins to secrete cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Cortisol however is not a negative thing to have in your body, but when an excess amount is produced it can be harmful.

You often hear about people who have anxiety or stress issues. Doctors are instructing these individuals to relax because they are damaging their body in a whole, not only by higher blood pressure, but by gaining a weakened immune system, acne, insulin spikes, storage of fat and increased water retention.

The effect of insulin spikes are one of the main causes of cellulite appearing and forming. The solution is to try and decrease your stress levels so your cellulite will inevitably decrease and in turn you will look and feel better! We know for some people this is easier said than done, but with just a few changes of habit you can get your stress under control and manage your cellulite.

Relax. One of the best things a person can do is try and relax. Breathing exercises having a very calming effect on the body by returning the heart to a normal baseline. Meditation, listening to soothing music and being out in nature are good examples of more techniques that help ease stress.

Exercise. Regardless of the exercise you may be participating in, all forms of being active are conductive to a release of feel good chemicals in your body and brain. Simple movements such as walking or swimming can trigger what you need to relieve you of your stress.

Adapt to What’s Stressing You Out. Sometimes stress can be avoided, sometimes it cannot. However, it’s vital to taking a closer look as to what triggers your stress and being able to recognize it and manage it. Many times, the culprit for our anxieties can be avoided and it is imperative to keep these things in perspective. By doing so, you can acknowledge and accept the stresses but also practice letting it go of them by focusing on things that make you feel positive and happy.

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