The Importance of Customizing Your Weight Loss Plan

winter park medical weight loss planIt feels like you can’t go five seconds without hearing another ad for a new weight loss program or seeing one in your Facebook Newsfeed. That comes as no surprise - weight loss has ranked among Americans’ top health concerns over the last few decades, and has often proven the most difficult to achieve. But if there are so many “clinically proven” programs out there, you may wonder why you’re still having trouble shedding stubborn pounds.

The thing is, none of those “one size fits all” diets work perfectly for everyone. Every body metabolizes fat and nutrients differently for a variety of reasons - so there’s a good chance your current diet just isn’t addressing your unique issue. Here’s why we recommend our clients work on fully customized, physician-supervised weight loss plans:

  • You’ll get treatments and benefits that just aren’t available in OTC programs. Every fad diet on the books controls what kinds of food can and can’t enter your digestive system, but food’s not the only factor when it comes to losing weight. On a custom medical weight loss plan, you can try treatments like b12 injections and bioidentical hormone therapy to attack body fat from a different angle.
  • You’ll know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Try to research the ketogenic diet online right now. You’ll find about a million different sources, each one varying slightly from another. How are you supposed to build a solid diet if you don’t have your sources straight? With a medical weight loss program, your physician will eliminate the guesswork.
  • You’ll be safe and healthy from head to toe. Many of the fad diets out there can be very dangerous if they’re not performed under physician supervision - a fact that people learn the hard way. With a medical weight loss program, you’ll lose the right amount of weight at the right pace for your body, and your treatment will actually help your body function better instead of leaving you drained.

If you’ve jumped from diet to diet for years with little or no success, you’re not alone - but you’re also not without hope. This January is the perfect time to get started on your own custom weight loss plan to reclaim your body and your confidence. To learn more or to schedule your free consultation, call Samano Aesthetics at 321-397-0692 today.

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